23andMe DNA Test – Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service – 90+ Online



23andMe DNA Test- Health – Ancestry Personal Genetic Service – includes reports on Health, Wellness, Ancestry

New Box and Sealed – Fast and Free Shipping

In the kit:

1 set of  step-by-step instructions
1 saliva collection tube and cap
1 sample return bag
1 pre-paid return label and box.
You will have 12 months from the date of purchase to use your kit.

Provide a saliva sample using our at-home kit and send it back. No additional lab fee required.

Ancestry Service PLUS more than 90 DNA-based online reports on Genetic
Health Risks, Carrier Status, Wellness & Traits with just one test
an even more comprehensive understanding of your genetics. Receive 90+
online reports on your ancestry, traits and health – and more.
New BRCA1/BRCA2 (Selected Variants)* report just added!
Before purchasing, review important information at 23andme
Subject to 23andMe’s Terms of Service at 23andme and Privacy Statement at 23andme
Accurate, reliable reports developed and designed through a rigorous process by world-class scientists and medical experts

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